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Institute of Integrated Resource Management (IIRM) was incorporated in the year 2000; with an aim to upscale and develop innovative strategies for sustainable economic and socio-cultural development of the people residing in the Himalayan Region. The Institute believes that a community is called developed when it is self-reliance and self-sustainable.

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Organized and Conducted more than 25 training programs All the projects undertaken are aimed at implementation in the rural & tribal population of the North Eastern region of India for job creation & revenue generation.
Technologies implemented at: Lakhimpur, Dhemaji, Bodoland, Sonitpur and other tribal areas of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh.

Approx. 5000 women trained in technologies developed and More than 25000 farmers of tribal, scheduled caste backgrounds trained for revenue generation and livelihood creation

Some of the technologies developed include:

1. Technology was developed on the extraction of bioactives from Lantana Camara and development of Mosquito repellant dhoop & agarbatti. NHPC Limited under the CSR-SD scheme sponsored this technology for skill development training for livelihood support to the youth & women entrepreneurs of Lakhimpur and Dhemaji districts under the project “DAKSH”

2. The institute implemented the technology of large scale rearing of Khaki Campbell ducks in Sonitpur districts. The technology is rearing, feed production and egg production was imparted 5000 farmers. This was implemented with the support of State Institute of Rural Development and Kerala Agricultural University.

3. Development of improved agro techniques for cultivation of medicinal plants like Coptis teeta, Taxus baccata, Swertia chiraita, Pannas sikkimensis, Illicium griffithii etc.,

4. A low cost technology for sustainable fish farming through production of magur fingerlings and fish, thus enhancing the marketing benefits to the unemployed  schedule youths of sonitpur district of Assam

Programs on Social Mobilization

Social mobilization helps the community members to come together to break the cycle of poverty, gender inequality and improve socio-economic development. This helps to improvements in the quality of life.

Training programs on agriculture

Indian agriculture is at crossroads and training farmers is the need of the hour; and it  farming a profitable venture and to enhance agricultural productivity. IIRM aims to train farmers in agriculture and allied sectors such as sericulture and animal farming. 

Capacity Building of Rural Women

Women comprise around 50% of the country’s population, and a bulk of them stay economically dependent on each other without employment. Women’s empowerment is important for the development and advancement of the nation. IIRM conducts several training programs exclusively for women to make economically independent. 

Capacity Building on Rural Agri Allied Livelihood Programs

Low skills perpetuate poverty and inequality. When done right, skills development can reduce unemployment and underemployment, increase productivity, and improve standards of living. IIRM helps people develop and update their skills to develop socio economically. 

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